Holly, 25

holly model making


Hello! Since joining Giroscope towards the end of 2011 I have worked alongside Giroscope's Co-ordinator to research and deliver methods of improving the energy efficiency of the Victorian housing. Most recently this has involved studies into, and the subsequent installation of solid wall insulation (SWI) to determine 'best practice' options for delivering SWI during renovation and as a retrofit solution to occupied properties.

As a recent Architecture graduate , working at Giroscope has given me the opportunity to increase my working knowledge of existing buildings, paticularly the terraced housing form, which, prior to joining Giroscope I had had little experience of.

Working within a relatively small team to deliver affordable housing by utilising the often unfavoured housing typology- the terraced house I have gained an understanding of Housing standards, renovation processes and traditional construction techniques.  It has also reaffirmed my belief that the architect's role within society should be one which considers the ordinary and the problematic  aspects of the built environment as opportunities to improve the existing urban fabric and the social conditions of a community.

I am currently building a 1:10 architectural model for Giroscope to illustrate the various methods of improving the energy efficiency of terraced housing which can be used to explain SWI to visitors to Arthur Street.

Giroscope's Housing Pledge

  • So long as the conditions of the tenancy are met, you have the right to remain in your home for as long as you wish.
  • Giroscope will not sell your house, or transfer ownership to another landlord so long as you are a tenant of that house.
  • Giroscope will not borrow money against its property in a way that endangers the financial stability of the organisation and puts your home at risk.