Boulevard Village Hall

Veni, vidi, et occurrit amicorum – I came, I saw, and I met with friends.

OK, we can have a discussion about the accuracy of the translation but at our core is community, in terms of people, bricks and mortar and a willingness to help. Building a sense of community is a key driver as we continue to regenerate our local area in west Hull.

Giroscope took over the management of Boulevard Village Hall in 2016 after another local charity decided not to continue the operation. We saw this meeting place as a focal point for the historic fishing community of west Hull, and simultaneously have embraced the changing local community. We believe that successful communities accept change and encourage diversity: we have grown attendance and usage whilst embracing the changes that continue to ripple through the area and enhance its cultural heritage to come.

The hall once again serves as a key Community Hub in Boulevard in west Hull, hosting various classes, private and group meetings as well as a weekly Thursday coffee morning, open to all, where we also provide free to use computers and internet access together with IT support.

If you are in the area: pop-in, and if you have an idea for a group, or wish to book a meeting in the hall then phone 07748 573 124 or 01482 576 374.